Mini Reviews of all my Pending June Reads

Hi everybody!!! So as promised I am back with the reviews for all my pending June reads. Read on to know what I thought about some of the most hyped releases last month.

Furyborn by Claire Legrand

Two queens – Red Queen born with the power to destroy the world and Sun Queen with the power to save it. The blurb and the hype compelled me to read this book. But I don’t think it lived upto it. The idea was unique but the alternate time lines were really confusing and for the most part I couldn’t connect with either Rielle or Eliana, the two queens, at all. It was only after about 80% of the book that I started connecting with these characters. So all in all, really confusing read but I would like to give the series one more chance with the next book and see if it improves. This is an unpopular opinion by the way, most people seemed to love it. So if you were planning to read it, then don’t hesitate. You will probably form a different opinion than mine.

Rating : 3/5

Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young

The book had me at Vikings. This is a young adult book which starts with Eelyn discovering her dead brother alive and fighting his own clan among their arch enemies. She is taken captive by them and is kept as a slave by the family who seems to have adopted her brother. Eelyn’s struggle to understand the defection of her brother and the rise of a common enemy and their fight against them forms the rest of the novel. I enjoyed the book but I can’t say I loved it. For me the characters were a bit underdeveloped and the introduction of a common enemy sounded like a convenient way to solve all the conflicts. It was an enjoyable read but some more insight might have helped me understand the behaviour of the characters a bit more and made it more relatable.

I am going with 3.5/5 stars

Heartless by Marissa Meyer

I loved Lunar chronicles by the same author and when I heard she was writing a novel about the Queen of Hearts, I was intriqued. For me she was a cruel, slightly stupid person from the original classic and I wanted to see how the author spins her tale. I connected with Catherine right from the beginning because I was familiar with a lot of stuff she was going through. The pressure to make a good match and the incessant nagging to be thinner, prettier, better behaved was an eerie reflection of my life right now. But I hated the fact that Cath kept making mistake after mistake without taking a stand for herself. I know it makes a good story but I just got more and more frustrated with the character. The one saving grace was Jest and the Madhatter. It was for them that I continued reading. I had hoped for an empowering read but what I got didn’t quite fit the brief. It was more the story of a confused girl who ends up blood thirsty rather than a tale of coming of age and female empowerment. But if you like reading about the history of villains or anti- hero/heroines, then give this book a shot.

I give this a 3.5/5 stars.

Have you read any of these? Did it live upto the hype for you? Comment below 👇🏻

8 thoughts on “Mini Reviews of all my Pending June Reads

  1. I definitely thought that Furyborn was overhyped. Still, you had better luck with it than I did so I hope you like the sequel! And I loved Jest and the Madhatter from Heartless! I feel like I definitely expected more from that one but I still really enjoyed it. I think Marissa Meyer is pretty good at writing villain stories because I really liked Fairest as well. Great reviews!

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